6 Things to Try During a Panic or Anxiety Attack

February 26, 2019

A panic or anxiety attack can be terrifying. While they aren’t dangerous, it can be hard to remember that in…

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How to Fight Depression this Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2019

Big holidays can be hard for those struggling with depression or loneliness. Valentine’s Day is particularly hard for individuals as…

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This is How Florida Ranks in Mental Health

February 7, 2019

The taboo that surrounding mental health has slowly been fading away as more and more people open up about their…

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6 Ways to Fight Seasonal Depression

January 28, 2019

Seasonal Depression Is a Real Condition As the days get shorter and the weather shifts, you may find yourself feeling…

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What Exactly is Blue Monday?

January 21, 2019

The winter months can be hard for people with mental health issues, especially depression. Lack of sunlight, cold weather, and…

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5 Mental Health Resolutions to Make This Year

January 9, 2019

Forget New Year’s resolutions. This year, make mental health resolutions instead! Still haven’t made a New Year’s resolution, or have…

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7 Worst Foods for Mental Health

December 28, 2018

We are what we eat! Many mental health studies have recently examined the link between diet and psychological wellness. For…

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7 Tips for Getting Out of a Bad Mood When You Have Depression

December 17, 2018

Do You Have Depression & Are Stuck In A Bad Mood? When you have depression, everyday problems can see insurmountable….

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Lawmakers Pushing for 3 Digit Suicide Hotline

December 3, 2018

Lawmakers Pushing for 3 Digit Suicide Hotline Amidst Rise in Depression US Lawmakers are pushing for a new suicide hotline…

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A Guide to Mental Health Professionals

November 19, 2018

Finding the right mental health professionals for you Navigating the world of mental health can be difficult at times. Once…

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8 Things You Might Not Realize Are Signs of Anxiety

November 2, 2018

Unrecognized Signs of Anxiety Anxiety disorders impacts an estimated 30% of American adults at some point in their life. When…

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3 Foods That Boost Mental Health & Reduce Anxiety

October 23, 2018

You’re probably tired of being told to eat healthier, but studies have shown that certain foods can really help improve…

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