Lawmakers Pushing for 3 Digit Suicide Hotline Amidst Rise in Depression

December 3, 2018

US Lawmakers are pushing for a new suicide hotline number to address the rising numbers of suicides and suicide attempts…

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Mental Health Quotes For Depression or Anxiety

November 27, 2018

Everyone goes through their own mental heal journeys. Some people have an easier time than others. Whether you have a…

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A Guide to Mental Health Professionals

November 19, 2018

Finding the right mental health professionals for you Navigating the world of mental health can be difficult at times. Once…

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8 Things You Might Not Realize Are Signs of Anxiety

November 2, 2018

  Anxiety disorder impacts an estimated 30% of American adults at some point in their life. When thinking about anxiety,…

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3 Foods That Boost Mental Health & Reduce Anxiety

October 23, 2018

You’re probably tired of being told to eat healthier, but studies have shown that certain foods can really help improve…

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Treatment Options for Opiate Addiction

October 12, 2018

It is a well established fact that the US is currently experiencing an opioid epidemic. Thousands of people are struggling…

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4 Tips for Managing Mental Health in College

October 4, 2018

Addressing Mental Health in College School is officially underway and now it’s far enough in the year that college kids…

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The NBA is Ramping Up Their Mental Health Programs

September 19, 2018

  The National Basketball Association (NBA) reminded players this week that they are offering mental health help for any players….

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It’s World Suicide Prevention Day!

September 10, 2018

Every year on September 10th, the world observes World Suicide Prevention Day. This day is about providing worldwide awareness about…

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Facts About Back to School Stress College Students Face

September 4, 2018

  Back-to-school season is both exciting and stressful. Whether you’re a parent, a grade school student or a college student…

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Facts About PTSD You Might Not Know

August 28, 2018

  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disorder caused by severe traumatic events. Although it’s commonly associated with…

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Deep TMS Receives FDA Approval to Treat OCD

August 21, 2018

  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just granted BrainsWay’s deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS) system approval in the treatment…

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