Facts About PTSD to Know for PTSD Awareness Month

June is PTSD Awareness Month, which means it’s a great opportunity to spread information about PTSD and the potential effects of trauma. This way, more people can learn about this specific mental health condition. And, either get the help they need to heal from trauma or identify the potential effects of trauma in a loved one’s life. Find out some facts about PTSD available in this article to help spread awareness of this mental health condition.

Some important facts about PTSD include:

PTSD Doesn’t Discriminate

One fact about PTSD is that it doesn’t discriminate with who it can affect. It doesn’t matter whether or not a person is gay or straight, a man or woman, has a career or not, is religious or not, etc… anyone can develop PTSD at some point in their lifetime. Essentially, any person who has experienced a traumatic event or a series of traumatic events can develop PTSD.

There are Successful Treatments for PTSD

People living with the effects of PTSD don’t have to suffer forever. While many people living with the effects of PTSD may think that things are hopeless, they don’t have to be. Treatments like behavioral therapies, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Prolonged Exposure Therapy/In Vivo Exposure Therapy, Talk therapy/process therapy, and holistic mind-body practices, such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, etc. have all shown effectiveness in reducing the severity and frequency of PTSD symptoms. Therefore, people do have help for PTSD symptoms and can heal from the long-term impacts that trauma can have on everyday life.

There is Help for Families Impacted by PTSD as Well

Just like any other mental health issue, the symptoms of PTSD don’t only affect the person that is diagnosed with this condition. They can affect loved ones and families of those who are diagnosed with PTSD as well. For these individuals, there is also help and resources available. These resources and support can provide education, a feeling of community, and assistance with maintaining a healthy relationship with a loved one living with PTSD.

People Who are Living With PTSD Don’t Have to Struggle Alone – and are not Alone

Gaining support and a community for people living with PTSD is important. When a person living with PTSD understands they are not alone, they are more willing to accept their diagnosis and get the help they need through treatment and therapy. Those living with PTSD are not alone and don’t have to struggle alone, even if they may feel like they are alone. Getting help through a community of support, like professional treatment and therapy, can provide this support and community of encouragement that helps with healing and managing symptoms of PTSD.

Getting Help for PTSD at Delray Beach Psychiatrist

If you or a loved one is living with the Effects of PTSD, treatment and therapeutic assistance is available in Delray Beach, South Florida, at Delray Beach Psychiatrist. Healing can begin and people living with PTSD can learn how to manage the effects of PTSD with the help of mental health specialists. Find out more about our outpatient treatment facility and our PTSD program on our website.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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