Advanced Psychiatry in Delray Beach

At the practice of Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez, with locations in both Delray Beach and Boca Raton, Florida, our team of doctors, therapists, and nurse practitioners utilize the most up-to-date therapeutic approaches and medical practices, so that our patients can rest assured they are receiving the latest forms of psychiatric treatment. All care begins with our patients receiving an accurate mental health diagnosis from Dr. Rodriguez. Dr. Rodriguez is considered an expert in  both initial diagnosis and misdiagnosis correction. An expert diagnosis, based on a thorough and comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, ensures a proper treatment recommendation and greatly reduces the risk of ineffective mental health treatment. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Rodriguez has earned a reputation for successfully treating patients considered “treatment resistant” or “non-responsive” to psychiatry, medication, or psychotherapy.

How We Treat Psychiatric Illness

All patients, regardless of acuity or level of care they are interested in, begin their psychiatric care by receiving an initial comprehensive evaluation. During the evaluation, Dr. Rodriguez walks each patient through the psychiatry process, to help them understand what medications are appropriate, and the reasons why specific medications are prescribed to them. Dr. Rodriguez and his staff emphasize the importance of patient education, and patients who are educated about their medications are more likely to follow through with continuing their medications as prescribed.

After the initial psychiatric evaluation, the right medical treatment is chosen in collaboration with the patient, taking into account patient safety, clinical effectiveness, and cost. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the right course of treatment, whether it is continued psychiatry & psychopharmacology, group or individual therapy, or one of the special treatments offered at our outpatient mental health clinic, such as TMS therapy or therapeutic IV infusions for depression. A comprehensive evaluation by a medical professional eliminates the chance of enrolling in a treatment program that is inappropriate, ineffective, or even dangerous for the patient.

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When choosing the right psychiatrist, it is important to consider how informed they are about the latest medical science available. Dr. Rodriguez and his medical team have long been on the forefront of mental health treatment, both in Florida and nationally, pioneering medications and therapies that are now considered best-practice for the field of psychiatry. By using the newest medications available, Dr. Rodriguez has achieved positive clinical responses in patients who had not responded to the previous generations of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and other psychotropic medication. If you’ve tried seeing a psychiatrist in the past and did not see improvement, we encourage you to contact us to see what new, more specialized treatments are now accessible.

Our goal with our patients is to achieve long-term, successful outcomes, marked by the remission of psychiatric symptoms. This has been the result for many of our patients, regardless of the severity of their conditions, with the right combination of medication assistance and proper oversight. Dr. Rodriguez regularly revisits and analyzes all treatment plans for safe and effective ways to adjust or lower doses of medication over time, so that patients can live healthy lives with minimal interruption. Newer patients at our practice typical have shorter gaps in between follow up appointments, so our staff can monitor the medication induction process and address any potential side effects. This allows patients to step down in the number of follow up appointments in the long run, once they are on a stable medication regimen.

  • “I was having a terrible time, they helped me out a lot! Thanks Doctor.”

    - Mya P

  • “Dr. Rodriguez provides excellent treatment and care; he is very dedicated to his patients”

    - Mike D

  • “My family spent a fortune sending me to other places for my mental health and none could help. I found Doc and his awesome staff and they saved my life.”

    - JC

  • “I feel better overall. I have learned valuable tools to help manage my issues”

    - Jay B, Delray Beach