What to Expect During a Group Therapy Session

There are many different types of therapies that people can benefit from during treatment for mental health. Here at Delray Beach Psychiatry, we believe that group therapy is a great tool to address a number of mental health issues as well as bring people together to talk about their goals for treatment. But, when people think of group therapy, they may have preconceived notions or believe stereotypes about this type of therapy that simply aren’t true. Knowing more about what to expect from group therapy sessions can provide people who may be skeptical or overwhelmed at the thought of group therapy with a sense of calm and confidence.

Some of the benefits you can expect from using group therapy as a tool during mental health treatment can include:

Having the Support of Others Who Are Dealing With Similar Issues

One of the most undeniable benefits of group therapy that you can expect is meeting and forming relationships with other people who are also dealing with the symptoms of mental health issues. During sessions, participants of group therapy are able to share their experiences with others who relate and get support from these individuals. Since having support in recovery is so important, this makes all the difference and is reason enough to give group therapy a try.

Privacy is Respected at all Times

Some people who are considering group therapy as a tool of mental health treatment may be concerned about their privacy. They may worry that opening up to others in therapy sessions may expose their secrets to the world. However, group therapy sessions are a safe and secure place that practices confidentiality. What is said in group therapy stays in those sessions and respect for everyone who participates is the very top priority. This means that you can share as much as you want about what you’re dealing with without having to be concerned about how this information is used against you in the future – giving you a safe and supportive environment to explore your thoughts and feelings with every session.

The Ability to Work on Social Interactions and Relationship Building

One thing that is true about mental health issues is that they affect relationships in a negative way. During group therapy sessions, individuals will have the opportunity to work on building social skills and utilizing them in a real-world setting. Boundary setting, healthy communication, and active listening are all examples of useful social skills that people who are in group therapy will be able to learn about and practice with other members of the group. This way, people who are in recovery from mental health issues can understand how to maintain and make great, healthy relationships to keep their support network once treatment concludes.

Group Therapy Available at Delray Beach Psychiatrist

If you are struggling with mental health issues, it’s beneficial to utilize a number of approaches to therapy and treatment. Group therapy is just one of the tools that are useful in treatment, but it is a vital one that provides a number of advantages. Here at Delray Beach Psychiatrist, we offer group therapy sessions for people in our outpatient care in order to provide our patients with the best chances of mental healing and well-being. Find out more about our group therapy sessions and other treatment services right on our website.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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