Depression treatment delray beach

How to Recognize Depression Symptoms and Getting Effective Help

Depression makes it tough to be productive and enjoy life. Just getting through the day can be a struggle. But no matter how hopeless you feel, you can get better. Located in Delray Beach, Florida, Dr. Raul Rodriguez specializes in depression treatment and helping you understand the signs, symptoms, causes and treatment of depression. Contact us today – Call 888-551-6281 to speak with our expert team of psychiatrists in Delray Beach.

Are you depressed?

If you identify with several of the following signs and symptoms, and they just won’t go away, you may be suffering from clinical depression.

you can’t sleep or you sleep too much
you can’t concentrate or find that previously easy tasks are now difficult
you feel hopeless and helpless
you can’t control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try
you have lost your appetite or you can’t stop eating
you are much more irritable, short-tempered, or aggressive than usual
you’re consuming more alcohol than normal or engaging in other reckless behavior
you have thoughts that life is not worth living (seek help immediately if this is the case)

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