Breaking Depression Myths by Addressing the Truth

Depressive disorders are some of the most commonly experienced mental health issues in our nation. However, there is a negative stigma associated with depression that can keep people from getting the help they need. Sadly, because of stigmas surrounding mental health and treatment, many people struggle with depression silently, never getting professional support that could otherwise help them feel better. Due to the mass number of people who don’t get the help they need to overcome depression, it’s vital to face stigmas and gain the truth surrounding mental health care and depressive disorders. That’s why, in this blog, we address depression myths and uncover the truth.

Some of the depression myths that you may have heard about and which may be keeping people from getting life-saving help include:

Myth: People Living With Depression Should be Able to Handle it Themselves

There’s a terrible stigma that’s associated with depression that it’s something that people who are living with it can just control easily. But, depression isn’t just something that a person can “get over”. It takes work, professional guidance, therapy, and the right tools to manage depression. Even then, people living with depression can still be triggered and end up dealing with depressive episodes. People must understand that mental health issues like depression aren’t something that someone can just control with ease or easily handle on their own without the right support.

Depression isn’t just merely feeling sad – something that can be just turned off by becoming happy again. It’s a mental illness that affects every aspect of life, not just emotions.

Myth: People With Depression Are Just Weak

This stigma is associated with the above myth. Some people believe that since depression is something that’s supposed “something someone can just get over”, they are weak if they can’t without help. However, depression isn’t something that makes someone weak or slothful. Some of the strongest, most successful people in the world struggle with depression. Living with depression is hard – it makes any task a challenge. Therefore, people who live with these disorders are the OPPOSITE of weakness – they are incredibly brave and powerful. Furthermore, those who get help for depression are even braver and stronger as they have to trust others to help them and are determined to take steps to get better.

Stand Strong Against the Myths and Stigmas Surrounding Depression

If you’re living with depression, you’re not alone. It can be hard to realize that so many people wrongly believe things about depression and getting help for mental health issues, but you can’t let these beliefs and stigmas get in your way. Otherwise, you may never find the healing and support that you need to manage depression and overcome its impact on your life.

Getting Help for Depression

Are you ready to stand up to the stigmas that surround depression? Help is available to you in Delray Beach through Delray Center for Healing. We offer an outpatient approach to treating depression that allows those who are busy with life to still get the help they need. Find out more about our depression treatment services on our website today.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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