Psychiatric Services in Delray Beach

Psychiatric Services in Delray Beach By Dr. Rodriguez & His Team

Dr. Rodriguez specializes in psychiatric services in Delray Beach and helping people conquer a variety of mental health conditions including anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, and substance addictions. From early in his career it was apparent to him the various issues in the mental health field. His response was to create an innovative approach for addicts and the treatment of addiction. His program focuses on personal attention that one would normally receive in an inpatient or outpatient program. Because of this great success and his unique approach to the treatment of addiction, Dr. Rodriquez has created quite a reputable name for himself for psychiatric services in Delray Beach.


First and foremost he believes that treating the patient on a individual basis and a well rounded approach– physical, mental and emotional –is necessary in long term success. The commitment to comprehensive wellness is fundamental in his approach to helping every client. Dr. Rodriguez offers the most advanced medications and treatment methods that give his clients a safe a comfortable detox.

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Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


Existing patients, please text 561-409-7296 for follow-up appointment requests or if you have medication concerns please text 561-409-7296.