5 Mental Health Resolutions to Make This Year

Forget New Year’s resolutions. This year, make mental health resolutions instead!

Still haven’t made a New Year’s resolution, or have you already given up on the one you made? Here are a few mental health resolutions everyone should make this year, provided by our resident psychiatrist in Delray Beach, Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez, MD. Mental health is important for everyone, so make sure to prioritize it this year!

Start the day with guiding questions

A to-do list or even a daily mantra can be hard for many people to stick to. Instead, start every morning off by asking a guiding question. The point isn’t to answer it outright, but rather to think about it throughout the day. It will be at the top of your subconscious, and throughout the day you’ll notice little actions to help you answer the question. Questions such as “what can I do to show resilience today” or “how can I be more mindful” are great! These open-ended questions can be created to answer whatever mental health struggle you’re currently going through.

Cultivate a meditation practice

Meditation is like therapy- it takes some time to figure out what works best for you. There are tons of benefits of meditation including easing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, helping with insomnia, and lowering blood pressure to name a few. It can be hard to dedicate the time to figure out what meditation practice works for you, but there are lots of options – many people enjoy yoga for meditation. Make the commitment to try a new one every day until you find one you like! Once you find it you can begin to weave it into your daily routine.

Ground yourself in small ways

We’re so wrapped up in technology these days it can be hard to escape it. The endless cycle of texting and scrolling through social media can be an addiction, but research also proves that it’s harmful to our mental health. Take time each day to ground yourself and put away the technology. Whether it’s taking a walk without your phone, putting your bare feet on the grass, or just starting out of the window for a few moments, take some time to breathe!

Invest in “me” time

Me time can seem selfish, but it’s incredibly important. Set aside time at least once a week to focus on yourself. If you have trouble remembering to do that, book literal dates for yourself! Whether you go to a museum, see a movie, or just go grab a coffee, take a little time for yourself this year.

Check your perfectionism

Repeat after us, “it’s okay to not be flawless.” Perfectionism is a hard thing to strive for, simply because it’s unobtainable. As humans, we’re messy, complicated, and flawed. And that’s just fine! You’ll drive yourself up a wall trying to be perfect. Despite what you see on social media or TV, no one is perfect. Once you accept that the world becomes a lot more fun.

If improved mental health is your 2019 resolution, the best way to see an improvement and feel better is to talk to a mental health professional. Our caring team of psychiatrists and experienced industry experts are here to help you feel your best. Contact us today to make an appointment.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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