How to Best Handle Stress & Anxiety This Holiday Season

There’s nothing worse than uninvited guests during the holiday season, especially when they go by the names of stress, depression and anxiety.

Stress during the holiday high time is unavoidable. There’s more going on, more people around and the pressure of pleasing everyone is increased. Holidays may make you feel out of control and at the mercy of relatives and traditions. While stress is unavoidable there are tips and tricks that can help reduce the impact of it so that you can make it through the holidays- or even enjoy them!

Be Realistic


Holidays are hard enough without trying to make everything absolutely perfect. Life happens and if plans fall through or traditions have to be changed just roll with it. Remember, this is one point in time throughout a whole long big year. Stay off social media- it’s easy to feel like a failure when you’re comparing yourself to others. Especially don’t judge your holiday based on the ones you see on Pinterest and Instagram. Most of those amazing looking pictures and meals are done by professionals or done for the sole purpose of taking those pictures. You’re a real person with a real life so cut yourself some slack and enjoy the moment rather than fret over the little things.

Acknowledge Your Feelings


Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean problems magically disappear. If you’re feeling sad, stressed or angry realize that’s okay. Forcing yourself to act as jolly and cheerful as Santa Clause isn’t going to help. If you have to be in the thick of family activities, take a few moments to yourself and just let yourself feel.


Plan Ahead


A lack of planning can be a huge cause of stress during the holidays. There’s never ending demands about engagements, gifts and food. Before all the flurry of activities hit take some time to plan out a schedule for shopping, baking, cooking etc.  Plan menus and make shopping lists ahead of time. Start shopping for gifts now instead of leaving it until the last minute. The gift of time is one of the greatest things you can give yourself to avoid stress this holiday season.

Take Alone Time


The holidays are so much about giving and sharing it’s easy to forget to take a moment for yourself. A few moments alone to catch your breath and calm your mind can be amazingly refreshing and give you the boost you need to get through it all. Just 15 minutes of alone time a day during the holiday rush will do you wonders. Try taking an extra long shower or read a few chapters of a new book.




Stress over money can reach an all time high during the holidays. Between food, gifts and trips the spending can be never ending. Setting a budget ahead of time can help manage spending and reduce stress. There’s also countless ways you can save money. Give homemade gifts or baked goods instead of pricey presents. Suggest a secret Santa gift exchange instead of having everyone buy gifts for every person. Remember, it’s about presence, not presents.


Seek Help If You Need It


If the stress is just becoming too overwhelming seek out help. Talk to your doctor or mental health provider if you feel yourself persistently sad or anxious. Going to a psychiatrist might not feel like a very holiday thing to do but talking to someone about how you’re feeling can be a huge relief. Think of them as the Santa of mental health, bringing you the gift of peace and stress relief.


Contact our Delray Beach anxiety treatment center – we are here to help, no matter the time of year.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez