Steps to Overcome and Manage Anxiety Disorder

While it is true that certain acute and ongoing cases call for anxiety medication, it is equally important to trust in the subtler lifestyle choices and tools available in compliment to, or as replacement for, more aggressive anxiety disorder treatment.

Here are my five favorite tips for overcoming and managing anxiety:


It might be walking, journaling, yoga classes, biking, drumming, painting, bathing, meditation, cooking, gardening, doing tai chi, relying on gentle homeopathic remedies and herbs, or any other such practice. The main thing is to fold these quieting things into your daily routine. By giving yourself custom chill pills on a daily basis you announce loud and clear your commitment to soothing your anxiety. When consistent in this, you will be awed at how effectively your practices soften the sharpness of anxiety’s edge.


by sitting down and unearthing the root of your anxiety. Meditation is key. Anxiety is after all made of a swirl of wild out-of-control thoughts, arising so fast that you are in major reaction before you even know what’s up. By getting quiet enough through sitting you consciously untangle anxiety’s negative snarl of thoughts and can then consider each fearful urgent strand at a time. This gives you the power to literally dismantle those strands.


your anxiety disorder by creating positive affirmations in answer to each one of your anxious thoughts. Write these down! By filling yourself with these antidotal messages, you profoundly change your thinking by wearing new optimistic grooves into your brain, grooves that will ultimately make you feel groovy, and that totally dissolve anxiety’s sting. Saturate yourself with these stress-defying slogans and keep them with you wherever you go.


yourself as you move through your days. Get to know what sets you off. See who and what strings you out. Catch the anxiety early when you feel yourself succumbing to its sneaky ways. Take a few deep breaths and apply your affirmations immediately. They can be as simple as “I am OK,” “All is OK,” or “I am safe.” These phrases also support you in forgiving yourself for having been enslaved to anxiety all this time.


what you can by saying no to or modifying your exposure to the things that stress you out. Know simultaneously—as there are some things you won’t be able to change externally—that by getting in serious rhythm with healing your angst, you are always capable of transforming your own reactions and are fully equipped to keep yourself from getting too frenzied.

The more we weed out our anxiety and foster instead new seeds of evenness and calm, the more faith we establish in our innate capacities to smooth ourselves down when riled. In harnessing our reliance on, and belief in, self-soothing, we create systemic peace of mind that in essence detonates severe stress.

The true miracle comes when you start to laugh about your anxious tendencies, when they become so ridiculous in their attempts to undo you that you actually find them funny. This is indeed a brilliant feeling, because it signals that you have finally and fundamentally kicked anxiety’s butt.

If you’re ready to overcome your anxiety disorder but still need a little help, our team is experienced in providing anxiety disorder treatment in Delray Beach, Florida and is happy to help. Contact us today to get started!


Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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