Exploring the Many Benefits of Group Therapy for Mental Health

Most mental health treatment facilities offer two types of counseling services; individual therapy and group therapy. While many may think about individual therapy, one-on-one sessions with a counselor, when they imagine getting treatment for mental health, group therapy sessions are just as important. But, what are the benefits of group therapy and why is it important to choose a facility that offers this type of therapy?

Group Therapy Can Help Not Feel so Alone

One of the main purposes of group therapy sessions is to provide a supportive community for those in mental health treatment. When people share their experiences with mental health with others who may be dealing with similar issues, this allows a sense of community. This way, people going through difficult symptoms brought on by mental health conditions don’t have to feel alone. Unfortunately, loneliness and isolation commonly go hand-in-hand with mental health issues. So, this sense of community and communal understanding helps to combat these difficulties.

Not Only do You Get Support, You Learn to Give it Too

Surely, receiving support through a group of peers with similar issues is supportive. However, another important aspect of recovering from mental issues is to understand how to provide support. Rebuilding relationships and learning how to grow new relationships in healthy ways is imperative to maintaining a positive support system, which is vital to success in recovery. And, group therapy is where these practices begin by offering others support. This way, after treatment concludes individuals maintain the ability to not only start meaningful relationships but maintain them as well.

It Can Help You Heal

Living with mental health illnesses can bring about unwanted feelings and even traumatic situations. During group therapy, hearing others’ stories and experiences allow for self-reflection and even self-acceptance, as you begin to understand you aren’t the only one to experience these feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and experiences. Thus, it allows for more inner healing. Furthermore, allowing yourself to share your own experiences, emotions, and thoughts can bring you the ability to form your own voice. Meaning, it can allow you to articulate what you’re experiencing in the present moment, understand it, and learn from it. Therefore, giving yourself the empowerment and motivation to continue with the healing process.

Group Therapy at Delray Beach Psychiatrist

Delray Beach Psychiatrist, an extension of Delray Center for Healing, provides outpatient mental health services for individuals living with a number of mental health issues. These include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, substance use disorder, and more. While we provide a multitude of services, we also provide psychological counseling including group therapy sessions which are based on many different topics and discussions. Thus, allowing the individuals in our care to experience the benefits of group therapy for themselves.

Learn more about our mental health treatment services available in Delray Beach, Florida right on our website. And, decide if outpatient treatment for mental health is right for you or a loved one.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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