Benefits of Group Therapy - Delray Beach

Though it may be intimidating to envision sharing your path of recovery and well-being with a group of others (who are admittedly, at least initially, strangers), group therapy may be a worthwhile alternative to pursuing individual psychotherapy. It is often more cost-effective than individual therapy, and yet can be just as efficacious as therapy provided one-on-one.

Our group therapy treatment program in Delray Beach, Florida is founded on a Dialectical Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral model in order to treat depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, codependency and addiction. Group therapy is also a very effective tool that can both improve and enrich the pace and progression of individual therapy and comprehensive treatment programs. The members of the outpatient therapy groups usually care about each other recovery, which creates a support system, which decreases the chances of isolation and self-destruction.

Additional benefits that come from group therapy treatment programs include:


When you participate in a group and share your experiences with others, you may become more and more aware of the shared nature of human experiencing (including pain and joy), thus creating a sense of universality, and reducing feelings of isolation or aloneness. A sense of common humanity is connected to self-compassion and optimal well-being!


Group therapy offers opportunities to practice compassion and other altruistic behaviors towards one another, enhancing a sense of connection to others as well as your connection to yourself. You can also be a role model for others: Studies find that kindness breeds kindness.

Instillation of Hope

Each of us is resilient in our own way, and we can share with others how we have persevered despite extreme difficulty, offering hope and inspiration to one another.

Imparting Information

Often, we have learned very practical information about how to navigate various aspects of life that others may benefit from. Imparting information is also a form of social support, which can positively impact our physical and emotional health.

Development of Socializing Techniques & Interpersonal Learning

A group setting may allow members to practice new social and communication skills in a safe environment with the support of the therapist. This may lead to more satisfying interpersonal relationships.

These are only a few of the benefits that may be experienced as a result of participating in group therapy. If you’re interested in getting started with group therapy in Delray Beach feel free to contact us anytime.


Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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