8 Things You Might Not Realize Are Signs of Anxiety

Unrecognized Signs of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders impacts an estimated 30% of American adults at some point in their life. When thinking about anxiety, many people picture panic attacks with a racing heart and heavy breathing. But anxiety can come in subtler forms. Many people with anxiety often don’t seek treatment because they don’t realize they have real mental health disorder. Here are some signs of anxiety that most people don’t recognize.

You’re always busy, but can’t get things done

People suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), may seem constantly busy and feel overwhelmed, regardless of changes in work load. You may feel like you have a lot to get done but, at the end of a busy day, have very little to show. Poor time management, low productively, and difficulty prioritizing tasks can all be signs of anxiety.

You’re flooded with catastrophic, existential thoughts

The world can be hard, but “catastrophizing” is a term used for thinking obsessively that something is worse than it really is. Being plagued with thoughts about how bad things are is a classic sign of anxiety. Thoughts like “what’s the point”, “nothing matters”, or “I can’t do this” are clear warning signs of an anxiety disorder, especially if they come often.

You’re startled easily

If you’ve been feeling jumpy that may be a sign of anxiety. People with anxiety often have a heightened “fight-or-flight” response threshold. People with anxiety are also more likely to be wrapped up in their thoughts and are less likely to notice the external events around them. This means they’re more likely to be started.

Your stomach is upset but there are no physical reasons why

An upset stomach can come from a number of things such as food poisoning, stomach flu, overeating, or IBS. But if your doctors cannot explain what’s causing your stomach issue it may be mental. Studies have linked gastrointestinal upset to anxiety. When your body is in a prolonged state of survival mode due to chronic fear and stress, normal bodily routines like digestion are interrupted. Anxiety can also make it harder for your body to recover from illness.

You’re easily irritable

Do you find that everyone around you is getting on your nerves? We all get in moods where people drive us crazy, but if you feel like you could be set off at any minute that may be due to anxiety. Anxiety heightens our fight/flight/freeze response. If you’re dealing with anxiety you find yourself impatient and more easily annoyed.

You’re indecisive

Can’t make a single decision? Anxiety might be to blame for your indecisiveness. One manifestation of anxiety is getting too emotionally invested in every decision. This can make it hard to move forward with choices.

You’re getting sick often

Poor mental health can lead to poor physical health. If you’re getting sick often but it’s not flu/cold season and you don’t work with kids or in a hospital, anxiety could be the cause. Feeling rundown, unexplained aches, and frequent or chronic colds are all apart of anxiety.

You’re having trouble sleeping

People have trouble sleeping for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s another medical condition or spending too much time on the phone before bed. However, anxiety is a common cause of sleep issues. Insomnia or oversleeping are all signs that something is wrong.

These are only a few typical signs of anxiety. Anxiety disorders can manifest in many number of ways. If you or someone you know believes they are suffering from chronic anxiety, contact us to discuss anxiety disorder treatment options.




Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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