Social Anxiety Affects More Of Us Than We Think

According to, approximately 10 percent of teenagers and a whopping 40 percent of adults experience anxiety of some kind. Social anxiety disorder is found in 15 million people, or 6.8 percent of adults. That means, even if you feel overwhelmed by being in a crowded room, chances are there are others that feel the same.

It’s estimated only 40 percent of those suffering from social anxiety disorder are receiving anxiety treatment. Given that nearly 30 percent of adults with social phobias are cases classified as “severe,” it is likely a fair amount of people with serious anxiety are living without any treatment. Some 36 percent of people with social anxiety disorder actually report having symptoms for 10 or more years before seeking any help.

People with social anxiety disorder have pervasive fears of being judged by others. They are also very self-conscious in normal social situations (work, school, etc.). In addition, individuals with this form of anxiety are very avoidant of meeting new people. If you have these feelings on a continuous basis for at least 6 months, odds are you meet the criteria for having social anxiety or a social phobia.

Often those with anxiety can rationalize that their feelings may be bigger in their heads than in reality, but still feel powerless to overcome their fears. This can affect every aspect of their life, including school, holding a job, personal life, and even dating. The intense fear of being watched and judged by others makes ordinary situations in life intolerable. People afflicted with social anxiety often feel flush, nauseous, or sweat profusely in the company of others. They may have a rigid posture and avoid direct eye contact as well. All these signs stem from the fear of interacting with other people.

If social anxiety is overcoming your life and seriously affecting you, seek out professional treatment. Our team at Delray Beach psychiatrist’s are able to provide you with expert care for social anxiety. Together, we can help you overcome your social phobias to live a more fulfilling life.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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