Psychiatric Telemedicine

Psychiatric Telemedicine

Finding psychiatric help for depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders in your area can be difficult. For patients with limited mobility, pre-existing health conditions, or those in more remote regions, accessing mental health services like psychiatry or therapy is often a challenge, especially given the unprecedented  COVID-19 novel coronavirus crisis. To help accommodate our patients, Raul J. Rodriguez, MD & Associates is proud to offer online telepsychiatry and teletherapy to those living in Florida and beyond.

How Does Telemedicine Psychiatry Work?

At Raul J. Rodriguez, MD & Associates, our patients can receive they same mental health services they would at our offices in Delray Beach, only in the comfort of their own home. These services include psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and individual, couples, and family therapy. Some of the telehealth mental health services available to our patients include:

Phone Appointments:

Patients at Raul J. Rodriguez MD may transition to phone appointments for psychiatric follow-up and medication management, once they have received their initial psychiatric evaluation. Phone appointments allow patients to continue with their preferred psychiatrist or therapy, even if they are out of area or no longer able to easily leave their home. It is recommended that new patients still visit our office for an in-person evaluation whenever possible. However, in emergency cases, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic, initial psychiatric assessments can also be done over the phone.

Online & Video Psychiatry:

The psychiatrists at Raul Rodriguez & Associates utilize HIPAA compliant video conferencing software, to ensure patient security and confidentiality. Video telepsychiatry allows our patients to connect with one of our mental health professionals while remaining in the safety of their own home. Video telepsychiatry can be accessed through laptop, tablet or smart phone. Call our office at 888-551-6281 and one of our helpful staff members can assist with arranging video or online appointments.


In addition to psychiatry, the multidisciplinary team at Raul Rodriguez MD & Associates also provide teletherapy for individuals, couples, and families. Therapy sessions can be done over the phone or through online video appointments. Telehealth patients can access many of the same therapeutic approaches as they would in person, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Anxiety Management, Mindfulness, and Process Therapy.

Phone, Online, Video Psychiatrists | Call 888-551-6281

The staff at our mental health center in Delray Beach is dedicated to providing sorely-needed psychiatric and psychological services to those in need. Our doctors and therapists will work with you the best they can to meet your telemedicine needs, regardless of age, clinical needs, technological knowledge, or geography.

Psychiatric telemedicine is covered by many insurances; to see if you are a candidate to telepsychiatry, please contact us today at 888-551-6281 and one of our new patient coordinators can walk you through the new patient process.

  • “I was having a terrible time, they helped me out a lot! Thanks Doctor.”

    - Mya P

  • “Dr. Rodriguez provides excellent treatment and care; he is very dedicated to his patients”

    - Mike D

  • “My family spent a fortune sending me to other places for my mental health and none could help. I found Doc and his awesome staff and they saved my life.”

    - JC

  • “I feel better overall. I have learned valuable tools to help manage my issues”

    - Jay B, Delray Beach

Existing patients, please text 561-409-7296 for follow-up appointment requests or if you have medication concerns please text 561-409-7296.