Jolly Gifts That Are Awesome For Mental Health

The holiday seasons can be tough for some people, especially those living with mental disorders. While they’re joyous at times, this time of year brings on extra social, financial, physical, mental, and emotional stress. From having to buy gifts to being forced into social activities, the holidays can be stressful. Luckily, we have a few gift ideas here that you can buy for yourself, for others, or request this holiday time.


Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been around for a while. They’ve long been recommended for those on the autism spectrum to help them cope. Only recently have these blankets taken off in the mental health community. Weighted blankets provide a comforting pressure that provides security and warmth. Many people with anxiety, depression, and PTSD have found them helpful. So not only will these weighted blankets keep you cozy this winter, they’ll also help with your mental health!


Coloring Books

Why we stopped coloring when we grew up is baffling. This activity might seem childish, but it’s amazing for mental health. It’s a soothing activity that promotes creativity and calmness. Adult coloring books have become popular, so there are tons of options out there. Toss in some colored pencils or crayons and enjoy the simple pleasures of childhood again.


A Massage Gift Card

Massages are the perfect gift for better mental health. Taking any time to focus solely on you is a good thing. Massages can work out any physical aches that your mental disorder has created, but they also provide relaxation and self-care. Check out a few local spas and see what types of massages are being offered.


Bubble Bath or Bath Bombs

Baths are like massages in that they’ll give you a chance to relax and focus on self-care. Request some bubble bath or bath bombs in your favorite scents to enjoy some you time.


A Journal

Having a dedicated notebook to write down your thoughts and feelings is a great way to process your life. Whether you write a novel or just a few sentences in it every day, many people find that keeping a journal helps with their mental health. They can be as cute and colorful or as plain and simple as you like.


Lavender Oil

While the scientific community is still debating the merit of essential oils, lavender is known to promote calmness and relaxation. It also helps with sleeping so if your mental disorder is interfering with that some lavender oil could help. You can dab a little bit on your skin, add some to water to create a mist, or buy a diffuser to make your whole home smell delicious.


A Great Pair of Headphone

Music has been proven to help improve mental health. Load up some tunes, and get a new pair of headphones to listen all year long. You can listen to whatever you want, and they even have some awesome playlists you can find that have soothing songs on them.



The holidays may be stressful, but since it’s gift-giving season make sure to help your mental health by requesting some of these gifts. Anything that makes you feel better is a win. If you need any help or want to book an appointment feel free to contact us. We’re here for you this holiday season.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez