How to Choose a Psychiatrist

Although at first it may seem like a simple question, but you shouldn’t just choose a psychiatrist on a whim. There’s many different types of psychiatrists with varying specialities and expertise so we will cover the basics of how to pick the right psychiatrist for you.

Child, Adult, or Couple?

If under the age of 18 you should look for a psychiatrist that specializes in children’s therapy. If you’re an adult, move to the next step to see which type of psychiatrist you should look for. If you’re a couple seeking marriage counseling, it’s best to seek a psychiatrist that has experience with couples therapy.

Therapist and/or Psychiatrist?

Would you prefer to see one individual for individual therapy sessions and a seperate psychiatrist for prescribing medical treatment? Therapists are unable to prescribe medication so if you choose a therapist, you will also need to find a psychiatrist if you require prescription drugs. However, many psychiatrists offer individual therapy sessions so they can provide all of the services you may require


It’s best to do your research from a reputable source – though keep in mind, anyone can write anything online so it’s best to take any advice from strangers with a grain of salt. A useful site for looking at psychiatrist reviews is

Expertise of Psychiatrist

Depending on what you are seeking a psychiatrist for – anxiety disorder, depression treatment, eating disorders, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, marriage counseling, children’s therapy, etc – it’s best to find a psychiatrist that has experience with your particular needs. You can check the doctors websitefor information on their experience and specialties or ask your general practitioner for a recommendation.

If you’re searching for a psychiatrist in Delray Beach Dr. Rodriguez specializes in helping people conquer a variety of conditions including anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, and substance addictions. You can contact us anytime at 888-551-6281 or by using our contact form.

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Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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