Facts About Back to School Stress College Students Face


Back-to-school season is both exciting and stressful. Whether you’re a parent, a grade school student or a college student the new school year means a lot of change. College students are particularly vulnerable to mental health and stress issues. They’re facing being alone, limited resources, and entering a new phase of life. Here are a few facts about back to school stress that university student’s face that you might not know.


There Are Three Types of Stress

There are actually three different types of stress that people can have; acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic acute stress. Acute stress is the most common type of stress and can be positive or negative. Most college kids will experience acute stress. As long as it doesn’t last for too long or too intensely it’s normal.


Episode acute stress is stress that occurs frequently. It often pops up in a pattern, accompanied by worry and angst. Type A people tend to experience this more often. Chronic acute stress is a never-ending stress that is relentless. This type of stress can lead to long-term health problems and should be addressed as soon as possible.


There Are Four Types of Symptoms

College students face a few types of stress, but symptoms of stress can also appear in different ways. There are four types of symptoms, physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral. Because stress manifests in different ways it can be hard for people or those around them to identify the signs.


A Large Number of College Students Feel Stressed

College has a lot of stress attached to it. From academic stresses such as tests, papers, grades, to personal life stresses like living alone, balancing relationships, and thinking about future careers it’s not surprising that a lot of college students identify as being stressed. In fact, 20% of college students say they feel stressed “most of the time”. That means 1 in 5 University students feel stressed almost constantly.


Stress Leads to Depression Among Students

Being stressed can cause depression. Nearly 34% of college students report feeling depressed at least once within the last 90 days. This number is high; especially considering university campuses don’t always have adequate mental health resources.


Half of Students Feel Overwhelmed

About half of college students report feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety at least once within the last year. Stress can lead to a number of other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts.


Contact us if you or someone you know is struggling. Back to school stress can be managed. Learning methods to manage stress, using mental health resources and getting help can all aid in relieving stress.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez